Ultrasound diagnostics is a widespread gynecological examination method that is widely used to monitor changes during menstrual cycle. This examination method is an invaluable assistant in detection and treatment of gynecological diseases when planning or during pregnancy. Ultrasonographic examination can also be done for preventive purposes to ensure the absence of any reproductive health issues. This method is highly informative, completely harmless and does not cause women any discomfort during the exam. Ultrasound diagnostics provides an opportunity to observe the growth of follicles in the ovaries, ovulation, the development of the yellow body, which also allows us to judge the visual changes in the thickness and structure of the endometrium.

Reasons to undergo ultrasound examination:

  • menstrual cycle disorders;
  • planning of pregnancy;
  • during female infertility diagnosis and treatment stage;
  • pain or discomfort in the abdomen/small pelvis.

Ultrasound examination is carried out by highly qualified specialists with great experience in the application of this method and in the interpretation of the results of the investigation.