Every woman visits gynecologist with her personal problems that mostly depend on age, marital status and the proximal vital plans. Regular gynecological examinations are crucial for preventing possible gynecological illnesses. Prophylactic gynecological examinations, including examination of the mammary gland, are recommended for all women at least once a year, even if there are no complaints.

Our clinic’s specialists are ready to help you in these cases:

  • menstrual cycle disorders (irregular periods, amenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea etc.);
  • excessive hair growth, hair loss above forehead area, acne, overweight, sex hormone disorders;
  • planning of pregnancy;
  • diagnostics and treatment of mammary gland diseases;
  • sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment;
  • individual optimal contraceptive selection;
  • female pelvic inflammatory diseases;
  • female infertility diagnosis and treatment;
  • diagnosis of cervical cancer by colposcopy.

If necessary, our clinic also has the opportunity to perform surgical treatment of the disease using minimally invasive technologies (endoscopic examination methods – hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and fertilization).

Our clinic specialists will support you during the perimenopausal period. It is important to be under medical control of experienced gynaecologist during this stage of life and perform US examinations, determine the level of sex hormones and thyroid hormones according to individually developed treatment plan.