Algorithm of pregnancy keeping is standardized system that includes a lot of different manipulations, starting from the first day of pregnancy and until the childbirth. Firstly, its task is to diagnose the problem on its first stages, but the major task is to start the treatment much earlier, preventing possible pregnancy pathologies. On average, in case of a normal pregnancy, woman should visit her doctor about 8 – 10 times. Of course, visit frequency can vary depending on the clinical situation. Often woman feel more comfortable if she visits her doctor regularly during the pregnancy, as mentioned above, even if pregnancy proceeds without any complications.

Our doctors carefully monitor a pregnancy to achieve our common goal – the birth of a healthy child. 

Planned pregnancy

One of the main principles of modern family planning is planned pregnancy. Reasonable medical and moral preparations for pregnancy allow to prevent certain problems and to define the future plan of medi­cal supervision during pregnancy. We are starting to prepare for the pregnancy before the IVF procedure, taking into account all the initial data related to the health of both partners, developing an individual care program that is determined by the specific characteristics of the couple.

High risk pregnancy

Our clinic’s specialists have a great experience in high-risk pregnancy monitoring. We develop a very individual monitoring program for every case of high-risk pregnancy.

Those pregnancies that are more likely to acquire complications are considered as high risk pregnancies:

  • recurrent spontaneous miscarriage;
  • threat of premature birth;
  • intrauterine growth restriction;
  • genetic disorders of fetus;
  • high blood pressure of the mother;
  • any diseases that are detected before or during the pregnancy.

Individually selected examinations prior to pregnancy planning and during pregnancy, selection of reasonable treatment based on the results of the examinations, careful monitoring of the development of the fetus, care for mother’s and baby’s well-being – all are the basis for successful pregnancy monitoring.