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Modern methods of infertility treatments allow fertility specialist to determine causes of infertility within two-month period and offer the most effective solution in each individual case (sometimes simple recommendations are enough). All you need to do – BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Every treatment begins with the careful collection of information about the history of diseases of the couple and the anamnesis compilation is made according to the collected data. Every question about previous illnesses of both partners, as well as possible hereditary diseases and surgical procedures is studied in detail. The general treatment strategy is developed based on the collected information.

The couple is prescribed:

  • Necessary laboratory examinations
  • US examination
  • Sperm examination

If necessary, during the examination stage we perform diagnostic hysteroscopy and fertiloscopy that allows determining pathology of the uterus and ovaries that is practically invisible during US examination.

We can also take biopsy from suspicious areas, as well as eliminate pathology that may be the main reason for infertility.


During the second stage of the treatment, previously collected examination data provides the opportunity to apply the most appropriate medication and possibly surgical treatment.

Pharmacological infertility treatment is considered successful if the cause of fertility disorder, such as hidden infection, is eliminated by medicaments.

Surgical method of infertility treatment can also be successful if cause of fertility disorder (for example, intrauterine polypus) can be revealed and eliminated during the surgery.

We have the most advanced treatment methods and technologies available. This allows us to offer the most effective and individual solution that, in some cases, will let you avoid the IVF.

However, if it is necessary to perform IVF it is time for the third stage – preparation and performing of IVF procedure. During this stage our specialists develop individual protocols of stimulation for every particular couple taking into account the age of both partners and data of previous examinations. Your Doctors clinic offers a wide range of assisted conception methods: IVF and ICSI procedures, intrauterine insemination (IUI) with partner’s sperm or donor sperm, different donation programmes.

Our highly experienced team of professionals is dedicated to achieving the best results possible for our patients by offering a very personalised approach in every case and developing an individual course of treatment. This is reflected in our success rates in a broad group of patients including those with previous unsuccessful IVF attempts, complicated fertility disorders or patients, who has been declined fertility treatment elsewhere.

Incipient pregnancy will require thorough monitoring and medical support as the secretion of own hormones will be depressed in most of cases. The patients often require medical therapy due to of concomitant immunological disorders. All periods of pregnancy must be carefully documented taking into account all possible risks.

Save and carry pregnancy passing the patient to obstetrician-gynecologist for successful childbirth – this is our main task!