How much does IVF in Riga cost? IVF in RIGA price

What you should know and what to expect when choosing IVF clinic in LATVIA.
  • Is there a price difference for local patients and foreign patients?
  • Price comparison of IVF clinics in Riga
  • Will I have to pay extra?
  • How to calculate overall IVF treatment costs?
  • How to understand IVF prices?
  • What is the price for IVF in RIGA?
  • What is included in the price of the procedure?
These and many other questions will be honestly answered in this article.

In this article we will help you to figure out the not so easy IVF cost system. We will share with you tips about other clinics, compare prices of IVF clinics in Riga, look in detail at all billing stages at Your Doctors clinic, as well as give advice on what to take in consideration when choosing your IVF clinic.

Our goal is to make our billing system as clear and transparent for you as possible. We will use publicly available information and our experience in IVF. Names of our competitors in this article will not be used, but you can find their price-lists on their web-pages. In case if they will make any changes in price-list for comparable services we will edit this article ASAP.

Unfortunately, yes. Currently there are 6 IVF clinics in Riga and 3 of 6 use price differentiation. You can check it easily, just switch the language on web page from English to Latvian and use google translation. We do not blame competitors for pricing policy, we just want to tell you how it is.

Studying competitors’ prices, we have come to the conclusion that the biggest price difference for local patients and foreign patients is for following services:

  • Fertility specialist appointments – more expensive for 72% on average.
  • ICSI procedure – more expensive for 89% on average.
  • FET – frozen embryo transfer – more expensive for 159% on average.

Biggest price difference – 185%.

So let’s compare IVF prices in Riga. We have used only public price lists on clinics’ websites.

These prices are taken from the official clinics’ websites and you can check them online.

Some clinics may also charge you for extras such as:
  • Coordination services for IVF, ICSI, FET and donation programs
  • Coordination services for Hysteroscopy and IUI
  • If the procedure falls out on weekends or holidays you may be charged additional 20%
  • Preparing a case report about the procedure for your insurance company or physician
  • Copying of medical documentation
  • Embryo transportation (if you decide to transport your embryos from one clinic to another)
  • Every additional hour of anaesthesia
  • Bandaging after surgery and removal of sutures
 At Your Doctors clinic you will not have to pay for any of these services.

We have developed a “map” for each procedure in order to help you calculate estimated overall costs of the procedure to the maximum. Follow this map step by step to calculate the estimated costs according to your needs. You can find it in the beginning of each part dedicated to one procedure. We hope that this map will help you to plan your budget and will reduce the risk of an ‘unpleasant surprise’ to the minimum. But please keep in mind that this map reflects on the ‘average’ progress of every procedure. However, every case is unique in its very own way, so there may arise some extra expenditures along the way. This is something you need to account for.

We will try to explain the different stages of IVF treatment step by step, how much it can cost and will give you useful tips in these four parts: