As highly experienced fertility and reproductive health specialist we are able to help international patients to receive high quality infertility treatment and overcome a wide range of fertility issues. Our highly experienced team of professionals is dedicated to achieving the best results possible for our patients by offering a personalised approach in every case and developing an individual course of treatment.

We have over 15 years of international experience, treating international patients. Our international program offers to choose from leading assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF or ICSI, as well as different donation programs.

We understand that travelling abroad for treatment, along with language barrier and encountering a different culture is stressful and sometimes daunting. All our specialists work together to ensure our patients pleasant experience, providing constant support throughout your journey and treatment process.

We offer complimentary initial consultation for our international patients and offer online and phone consultations during treatment process for our patients’ convenience. We can also help your local physician or gynaecologist to manage your treatment near your home that helps to reduce your travel time.

Step 1. Contact us

The first step is to contact us, stating briefly your previous treatment history and the procedure or treatment you are interested in.

We will be in touch with you within 24 hours with information about possible consultation times and required test results you have to have on hand before the consultation.

Step 2. Initial consultation

Once you choose the most convenient time for you, the consultation takes place.

Please note that initial consultation is FREE and can be held over the phone or online.

During this detailed consultation our fertility specialist will discuss with you your previous treatment history, test results, comment on possible additional tests required and will discuss possible treatment plan.

Please note that you are free to decide when to start the treatment.

We do not have waiting lists for any of our treatment programs, so that leaves you in charge of your own time planning.

Step 3. Confirmation of treatment plan

If you decide to proceed with the proposed treatment, inform us about your preferred time of treatment start and we will send you a detailed treatment timetable with necessary medications stated, US examination times and estimated travel date, as well as the list of required additional tests and examinations if necessary.

Our coordinator will arrange all your appointments with our fertility specialists and discuss in fine detail every step of your treatment timetable and will guide you along the way.

Step 4. Planning your trip

Once you receive your detailed treatment timetable with estimated travel dates you can start to plan your journey and book your travel tickets.

In order to make your stay in our clinic more comfortable we are ready to help you with accommodation booking, provide airport pick up, airport to hotel transfer and hotel to clinic transfer.

If you require a visa to travel to Latvia please let us know and we will provide our help regarding this question. Here you can find the lit of countries, the citizens of which do not need visas to travel to Latvia.

Keep in mind that you can combine your treatment with local recreational activities.

Step 5. Arrival in Riga and finalising treatment

Here you meet our specialists who will thoroughly monitor and care for you during chosen treatment process.

The time of your stay will depend on the type of procedure you are undergoing.

You can travel home the next day after your final procedure is complete if you are able to receive after treatment care in your own country.

Step 6. Care after treatment

Once the treatment is finished, our fertility specialists will provide you with detailed description of procedures performed and develop an individual plan of after treatment care and full information about your treatment case and further prescriptions for your local physician or gynaecologist.

Please note that we provide our patients with continuous support and care even after you return to your own country. We will check on your progress and will continue to communicate with you via phone or online