Allows to implement all or separate steps of fertilization and early embryo development outside the woman’s body 

Almost all known forms of infertility can be overcome with the help of ART

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is a process of egg fertilisation by sperm outside the woman’s body.

IVF consists of following steps:

Indications for IVF procedure:
  • therapy-resistant infertility
  • infertility, which is more likely to be overcome using in vitro fertilization than other methods



is an infertility treatment method, when sperm is injected directly into an oocyte’s cytoplasm with the help of special micromanipulators.

Icsi consists of following steps:

Sperm for the ICSI can be obtained from ejaculate or can be extracted with the help of ТЕSА or MicroTESE surgeries. Before surgical treatment consultation of the specialist is required.

Indications for ICSI procedure:
  • oligozoospermia – concentration of spermatozoa is lower than 2 millions in 1 milliliter;
  • asthenozoospermia – less than 1 million active spermatozoon in 1 milliliter;
  • clinically significant amount of anti-sperm antibodies in the ejaculate (MAR test more than 50%);
  • combined pathology of the sperm;
  • unsuccessful fertilisation of the oocytes in the previous IVF procedure.




is an infertility treatment method, when sperm is injected directly into an oocyte’s cytoplasm with the help of special micromanipulators.

Icsi FREEZE ALL consists of following steps:

IUI - Intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination is infertility treatment method where a sperm sample is passed into the uterus. There are two types of preparation for this procedure: within natural menstrual cycle and after ovulation stimulation. No anaesthesia is required to perform this procedure. When using this method it is very important to prepare a sperm sample respectively. Only specially prepared high quality sperm is passed into the cervix. This method of infertility treatment is minimally invasive and resembles the natural fertilisation.

Two types of intrauterine insemination:

IUI with partner’s sperm

IUI with donor sperm


FET - Frozen embryo transfer

Frozen embryo transfer or FET – is an infertility treatment method, when thawed embryos of the 3rd or 5th day of development are placed in the woman’s uterus. Embryos could be obtained from the previous IVF procedure or it could be donor embryos too. According to international statistics, pregnancy occurrence percentage is higher after thawed embryo transfer than fresh embryo transfer.

In our clinic the average pregnancy occurrence percentage after FET is – 56%.