Your Doctors clinic is the Fertility and Reproductive Health specialist with long and successful experience of infertility treatments. Our goal is to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment of fertility disorders. Our clinic’s doctors are highly qualified specialists who regularly upgrade their professional experience, knowledge and skills both during conferences in Latvia and during international seminars and congresses. We are the only clinic with the FDA quality certificate across all Baltic region.

Your Doctors clinic is a welcoming and friendly clinic that specialises on providing innovative and high quality infertility treatment. Our highly experienced team of professionals  is dedicated to achieving the best results possible for our patients by offering a very personalised approach in every case and developing an individual course of treatment, based on the previous treatment history. This is reflected in our success rates in a broad group of patients including those with previous unsuccessful IVF attempts, complicated fertility disorders or patients, who has been declined fertility treatment elsewhere. With our technology and experience we have all the innovative and original methods and we are ready to offer you the most effective solution.

We are ready to help you in the diagnosis and treatment of any gynecological, oncogynecological and urological diseases.

Infertility is a disease that can and must be overcome!