6 myths about IVF treatment in Riga

6 myths about IVF treatment in Riga

There are many myths about IVF treatment abroad that feed on our fears, but how true are they? Here, we reveal the truths behind 6 more common myths.

Medical tourism is getting more and more common and many patients nowadays choose to get treatment abroad. Whether it’s unbearably high treatment costs or restrictions in local legislation that limit or completely rule out crucial treatment options – there are many reasons to opt for IVF treatment abroad.

Traveling abroad for IVF treatment is an important decision to make, so it is better to back it up by sound research and reliable facts. Be ready to encounter many myths about IVF treatment abroad. Here, we will try to bust these myths and stereotypes.

Mostly, there is a firm conviction that accommodation and travel expenses will overwhelm any money you could save over your IVF procedure.

This isn’t exactly true

In most cases, especially when traveling to countries where treatment costs are significantly lower, treatment abroad is beneficial. It truly depends on where are you traveling from, how long do you stay for and price difference in treatment costs in your home country and country of destination. As obvious as it sounds, it is often overlooked as a whole.

It happens so that sometimes under heavy workload clinics may kind of “forget” about the patient. It is not like they would forget about you existing, but you will probably receive an information about your treatment process and results much later that you would like.

One of our aims is individual approach to every patient. We appoint a personal coordinator to every patient, so you can contact her by phone or whatsapp any time with any question bothering you

Your personal coordinator will be aware of your course of treatment and will be your guide 24/7.

  • Do you have a question about your treatment?
  • Need a pick-up?
  • Forgot your phone charger?
  • Got lost?
  • Or need an advice on recreation options in Riga?

Any question you have or any help you need – your personal coordinator will be there for you.

Most patients are afraid that their English is not perfect or that nobody in the clinic will speak English.

No need to worry. If you know English even a little bit, you will be just fine. All staff at Your Doctors clinic, including doctors, nurses and personal coordinators, speaks fluent English

As well as all treatment related documentation is translated to English.

Need a written translation of something you don’t understand? Any your request for translation will be done ASAP.

This is very common concern that haunts us everywhere: grocery shopping, buying a car etc. Has it happened to you before? Seeing a lower price, you ask yourself “Why is it so cheap? There must be something wrong with it”.

In reality, low prices of IVF treatment have nothing to do with treatment quality. The only reason for a low price is cheap labour costs in the country in general

It is not as easy to get a license for medical services, as it may seem. So here comes the boring part yet very important – accreditation. In terms of treatment quality, Your Doctors clinic follows

  • ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) guidelines
  • State Agency of Medicines of the Republic of Latvia accredited our clinic. This accreditation certifies that we can perform all IVF related treatment that is allowed by Latvian legislation.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certificate which verifies that clinic is run according to international standards of quality management.
  • ESHRE requirements for IVF abroad
  • FDA certificate – the only one among all Baltic region.
  • Medical director of Your Doctors clinic is a chairman of the board of the group for reproductive system specialists and embryologists in the Latvian Human Reproduction Society and a member of the ESHRE organization.

The truth is, that there are 6 IVF clinics in Latvia and 4 of them use price differentiation.

For example, Frozen Embryo Transfer is three times cheaper for local citizens comparing to international patients. Sounds unbelievable? You can check it yourself. Just go on price list page on a clinic’s website, change language to Latvian and translate the page using Google auto-translate. Be sure that it does not mean, that Frozen Embryo Transfer is performed three times worse or three times less effective for local citizens. We would like you to be aware of that and always check price differences before deciding on your IVF clinic.

We believe in equal rights this is why our pricing policy meets ESHRE guidelines and our prices are identical for everyone, no matter where you come from

Although medical tourism is primarily about getting treatment abroad, but why not use some of the saved money to treat yourself and enjoy a small vacation in the capital of Art Nouveau architecture at the same time? Not only because you have deserved it, but it also can help you lift the stress of the treatment and get you the rest you need.

Eventually you will have to visit Riga, but to start you off we offer an online consultation, where you can talk to your treating doctor, send your medial history and discuss your treatment options.

This consultation is free and does not oblige you to anything

We know that getting treatment abroad is complicated enough so it just may just get you at a good starting point, knowing your options. And once you start and know your path – it is much easier.